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Design Pattern: Strategy and Burger

Design patterns in life and Ruby – gain an intuitive understanding of OO design patterns by linking them with real-life examples.   Do you know how to order a burger? If so, I have a good news for you: you already know how to use the Strategy Pattern! How so, you might ask? Well, let’s take a look at the definition of Strategy Pattern.   The Strategy Pattern: How does this have anything to do with burgers? Let’s think about burgers for a second. There are a lot of varieties of burgers: veggie burger, cheeseburger, grilled chicken burger, double cheeseburger… All of… Continue reading

Six Months at Gusto. What I Did, Experienced, and Learned.

 What I did, experienced, and learned during my first 6 months at Gusto.   Today marks my six-month anniversary at Gusto. As time flies by, I learn more and more about Gusto: its mission, its culture, and most importantly, its people. The more I learn, the more grateful and lucky I feel for being part of it. As I graduated from college and transitioned into a young professional, the past six months have come with a lot of changes. Many of my friends who are still in college ask me about my experience at Gusto and what I have been learning. So I decided to write… Continue reading